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Greatest Ring Entrance


I don't know if I've seen this one knocked around too much so here goes.  What, in your opinion, is the coolest single, pre-match ring entrance that you've ever seen? CM Punk's at MITB was awesome but I have an all-time favorite that is probably not on anyone's radar.  I loved HHH's entrance at Royal Rumble 2000 against Cactus Jack.  You had the atmosphere of MSG and the classic short entrance way for WWF events.  His mannerisms and facial expression coming to and getting in the ring conveyed the seriousness and the brutality that was about to take place. It was before the whole "water bottle" routine that defined his entrance in later years, so there was more ad-lib to it.  Plus, it was his first venture into the world of bloody, hardcore-style brawls and I think Paul Levesque's nervousness was showing as well.  What say you and the readers? What single entrance, before a match, sticks out above the rest?

I always liked Flair and Steamboat at Chi-Town Rumble, as Steamboat was the simple family man coming out with family for one last shot at glory, while Flair was the overblown music, robes and women that ended up coming back to bite him when pride went before the proverbial fall.  Simple yet effective on both sides.

Hogan at WM3 was of course one of the defining moments of the modern era, as everyone else took a cart to the ring and Hogan walked down, taking the hard way and getting ready to face down the giant.  I like stuff like that.