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Vince goes completely insane, film at 11

From today’s Observer news update:

WWE sent out a survey question yesterday that was pretty mind-boggling: Imagine a 24-hour cable network that was run by The WWE. It featured a mix of WWE-made programs, including new shows, repeats of Raw and SmackDown from USA and Syfy and "classic" or "historical" programs featuring shows from different promotions like classic WWE footage, WCW, ECW, NWA, AWA, etc. from years past. It would have two new weekly WWE live in-ring shows (wrestling), but not SmackDown or Raw. It would have a daily live in-studio viewer interactive show similar to SportsCenter. Additionally, this network would include WWE's "classic big 4" pay-per-view events including WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble to the lineup at no additional cost. Rather than having to pay for them, they would now be specials with the same match quality you're used to seeing on pay-per-view for no additional cost. These 4 events would only be available on The WWE Network. In addition to The WWE Network, you would receive approximately 30 additional channels including NFL Network, NBA TV, Biography Channel, Fox Business Network and Fuel TV. How interested would you be in upgrading your service for an additional $7-$12 per month to a tier which would include the WWE Network described above?

You might as well take a pile of cash and burn it on the streets of Greenwich rather than proceed with this retarded idea.  WWE 24/7 is already a flop, revenue-wise, and going through with this idea would be SUICIDE for the company and destroy one of their only big revenue sources left.  But Vince is determined to launch this stupid network and show up UFC, so there you go.