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Animal Help Plug

Hey Scott, 

You've always been mighty generous in plugging my projects on your blog, and it's always helped, so I figured I'd bug you again.  Not sure how many BoD readers are animal lovers, but I'm running a campaign to raise money for equipment that will advance animal care and discover the causes and treatments for animal brain disorders. Every single dollar helps, so even a $1, $5 or $10 donation is significant.  Anyone can donate here:

Just as important are people sharing that link on Facebook and Twitter. To keep it somewhat wrestling related, a few and writers have shared the link on their Facebook pages.

And if any of your readers are into it, you can make a donation in honor of your pet and send a picture of that pet to to have them featured on our organization's giving page and our Facebook page.

If you share this, thank you, it makes a huge difference.

Good luck!