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Babyface Buff

Just to follow up on a comment from the Vintage Collection thread...

Turning Buff heel after the neck injury was just as stupid as botching the ready made Rick/Scott feud. I mean seriously after the turn in Feb. 98 was it really hard to build to a simple grudge match at let’s say Great American Bash?

Good god that heel turn still makes me angry for all the wrong reasons.  WCW had spent literally YEARS trying everything in their limited arsenal of tricks trying to get Marcus Bagwell over as the teen heart-throb babyface in the 90s, and it never stuck.  They wanted him as a top star so bad that they gave him tag title runs, partners more over than him that he was supposed to get the rub from, endless blowjobs on commentary, you name it.  So finally they’re like “fuck it, let’s turn him heel” and he joins the NWO.  And suddenly he gets over as Buff Bagwell, obnoxious self-centered pretty boy heel.  So now fans kind of buy him as a top guy due to his circle of friends, and he joins with Scott Steiner after Scott turns on Rick, and fans buy that as viable combination as well.  So far so good.  Then Rick accidentally breaks Bagwell’s neck, and suddenly WCW is handed, on a motherfucking silver platter, the exact thing they had been looking for all those years.  Bagwell returns from the neck injury and he’s suddenly this guy that fans now ACCEPT as a top guy and who fans now WANT to cheer for as a top babyface, and there’s a ready-made story because Scott Steiner basically told him to fuck off and die after the neck injury.  So there’s Bagwell, ready to rocket into a top position as a top babyface with an awesome storyline where he’s going to forgive and team with the guy who broke his neck BECAUSE SCOTT STEINER IS JUST THAT MUCH OF A DOUCHENOZZLE that there’s no other option, and that would not only get Bagwell to the next level as a babyface but also turn Scott Steiner into a top level heel along the way…and they swerve us and turn Bagwell heel.  And now no one gets over.  Scott Steiner looks like a coward, Rick Steiner looks like a moron for trusting Buff, and Buff never ever gets back to the same level again and is basically back to trying to find a tag team partner to carry him and tired act again.  And it’s really weird, because Bagwell had all the right backstage connections, so he should have been allowed to get over, but I guess this must have actually been their plan and there’s really no other explanation but the company being run by retards.  That’s why it was so exhausting to be a fan of theirs and why lots of people just left when the Wars ended, I think.