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Double A (Not To Be Confused With A Double)

Just curious your opinion on a recent discussion I had about Arn Anderson. Has there ever been a mid-carder so perfect? He'd hold titles, but never the top one. He'd be involved in major feuds, do great in them, yet never rise to be World Champion. Yet, it never felt like he was being held back. Is that merely due to the era in your mind or can you think of some other wrestlers who felt perfect in the mid-card, even if they could have clearly been higher?

Sure, not everyone is cut out to be a main eventer.  Mr. Perfect was a perfect IC champion and although he probably could have been World champion, was probably better off where he was.  Terry Taylor was always a great guy to have in the midcard, because he was enough of a name where beating him meant something, but he was never a threat to take your spot.  Especially after the WWF run.  Marc Mero, whether as Johnny B Badd or Marvelous Marc, was a solid midcard threat.  A lot of the guys who ended up as World champion today (like Jack Swagger) probably would have been better served never getting it, too.