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DVD Releases

Hello Scott. Long-time reader etc.  I was wondering if you have any
idea why WWE releases so much cool old-school stuff on DVD overseas
and not here. I'm talking about stuff like old house shows, SMNE sets
with full episodes. All sorts of cool crap that you'd think would sell
like crazy to all the old-school fans who are fed up with the current
product. I mean I've liked their releases overall the past few years,
but it seems like their missing the boat on this stuff. Or maybe I'm
the only one who would buy something like this.. Any thoughts? Thanks
for your time.

Darn good question.  There’s a weird disparity in what gets released to foreign markets both in DVDs and stuff like the Vintage Collection show, and I’m not really sure why.  In the case of the DVDs, I’m just taking a shot in the dark and saying that companies like Silvervision just license the material and then release it how they want, whereas WWE exerts more direct control over the US market, but I have no direct insight on it.  I’d be interested in why WWE can’t just release stuff like Judgment Day 2000 on DVD themselves, for instance.