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Great Rivalries

I’m starting to get overlapping mailbag questions so I should probably start clearing them out.

Saw a preview for the new WWE Greatest Rivalries DVD: Hart/Michaels.  It looks really good, and I'll probably check it out, but it got me thinking of future Greatest Rivalry DVDs.  If they were to continue with these titles, what Rivalries would you like to see?  Some come to my mind, but I don't know if there'd be enough material for a 3-disc set.
Edge and Christian/Hardys
Rock/Austin seems like a no-brainer.

Hey Scott--

So the Bret v. Shawn dvd is out in a couple of weeks, and all the early reviews indicate that it's going to be the best wrestling dvd released this year. However, I'm wondering if the 'E can really go any further with this concept, especially given the truly unique nature of what went down between Bret and Shawn. Can you think of any rivalry they could do this kind of dvd with in the future, or is this a "one and done?"

I know they want to do more in the future.  Rock/Austin is a natural and would probably sell like gangbusters.  Austin/Vince, although that would be 99% promos and only a few matches.   I’d also say Rock/HHH, which gives you a BAZILLION good-great matches to choose from and some real history between them.  Plus we’d hopefully finally get the Iron Man match on DVD.  I’d also pick Hogan v. Savage, but that’s obviously never happening for a million reasons I don’t need to get into here I’m sure.  Flair v. Sting is again another one mired in political bullshit so it wouldn’t ever happen.  But it would quite the set.