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GSP v. Diaz

Hey Scott,
Just another example of what is missing in the WWE that the UFC some how is able to pull off with out being a work.
So we have the abrasive Nick Diaz who has been piling up wins against mid card talent for the past few years over in Strikeforce. Has put down all challengers in that time. The whole time squacking about not making enough money, how he could beat the champ (GSP) if he wasn't being held back. Meanwhile the clean cut, even keeled GSP is having pedestrian performances where, although remaining unscathed and dominant in them, has looked unimpressive. Diaz destroys all in front of him until the UFC can't ignore him as a challenger any longer and set up a title fight. GSP vs. Diaz is set. In the months leading up to the fight, the brash and stubborn Diaz decides he doesn't want to play the UFC media game and no shows a pair of press conferences calling them "beauty pageants" and as a result gets pulled from the main event. GSP down plays Diaz as a contender in the first place and gets set for another opponent. In Diaz's eyes "The Man" has just stepped in once again, cost him his big "pay day" and continues to hold him back all while protecting the paper champion. He now is forced to face a top contender, former title contender and former rival of champion GSP.  In the fight Diaz dominates Penn in a three round war where Diaz sets a new record for strikes landed and RETIRES Penn. (Penn leaves strong having the heart and determination to withstand Diaz's punishment). Post fight Diaz calls out the champ immediately! Claims he's scared to fight anybody right now and that he's been held back. The normally calm and cool GSP loses it (Off camera unfortunately) and demands to fight Diaz next. Calls him "The most disrespectful human being he's ever met and that he's going to put the worst beating on Nick the world has seen." Out of the circumstances, Dana White cancels GSPs next opponent and signs Diaz vs. GSP for Superbowl weekend. This shit is straight out of Rocky III? Diaz just needs to assault Greg Jackson and cause him to have a heart attack. They've created a credible, monster heel out of Nick Diaz to face off against the mega-face GSP. Seriously, I would lay down my money today for the pay per view that's months away.

Yup.  Plus now we’ve got Anderson Silva, the claimed #1 fighter in the world, actively ducking Chael Sonnen and claiming he’s not worthy of a title shot while Sonnen cuts awesome promos on him whenever he’s got a microphone near.  If they play their cards right, they can score two million+ buyrates in a row headlining with those matches now.  It just goes to show that a little carny attitude goes a LONG way.  Although Diaz really is just that crazy, unlike Sonnen who actually “gets it”.