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Hogan v. Ventura

Hey, Scott, long time reader and so on, love the site. I had a question about Jesse Ventura and his problems with Hogan; it's not a big secret that Jesse had some jealousy issues with the Hulkster throughout their time in the WWF, but this really seems to pop up a great deal during Wrestlemania V. After the No Holds Barred movie review, he lays into Hogan big-time about 'invading his territory in Hollywood' and how when he lost to the Macho Man later, he could come out to Hollywood and drive Jesse's limo (4:07 on the clip), and he briefly storms off the set while Monsoon has to cover for him. He also cheers more vociferously than usual against Hogan in the main event title match. Is this just good heel commentary by Jesse for the big event, or was there any specific heat that Jesse had with Hogan around that time? Thanks!

Far as I know he was just being a good heel.  Ventura might be a tad insane, as demonstrated by his conspiracy theory show, but I don’t think there was ever a legitimate beef with Hulk.  It makes sense – Hulk was the #1 babyface, and since it was Jesse’s job to get him over there was no better way than by running him down in full heel mode.  Bobby Heenan apparently used to do the same thing with Tito Santana.