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Lobdell Clarifies About Superboy and Other Stuff

Interesting Q&A with Titans/Red Hood/Superboy writer Scott Lobdell, and he actually clarifies a point about Superboy that I had heard differently before the reboot started:

Superboy started all over again? I mean this is more than just a retelling of his origins like "Year One" stories right, it's a proper reboot? Or will it jump some years ahead and preserve some of his old comics and his role during Doomsday?

It was going to be a relaunch, but it became clear after the Superman and Supergirl retooling that Superboy's origin has to begin in the here and now.

So there you go, they changed their damn mind again.  Although a lot of Lobdell’s answers fall under the “Previous continuity wasn’t under my control so you can consider whatever you want as being in-continuity” variety.  As someone else said here, Titans is a continuity nightmare thanks to some people rebooting and some people relaunching, and I guess Lobdell isn’t much on paying attention to that sort of thing anyway.