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More big TNA spoilers after the break…

Hey Scott--

What do you think of the ludicrous bullshit that was moving the TNA title from Angle to Storm to Roode while turning Bobby heel? For the life of me, I cannot figure out what this company is thinking. First of all, you can give Roode the rub by letting him beat Angle clean instead of beating his mid card tag team partner with a foreign object. Was this TNA protecting Angle because they expect him to be able to carry the company until 2027, or Kurt protecting himself? And turning Bobby heel, when the fans were actually behind him? That smacks of Great American Bash 1991 when Luger finally won the WCW belt but the company turned him so he could attempt to be Flair 2.0.

I don't even watch the product, but the illogic of this booking has me irritated as a wrestling fan in general. Thoughts?

It’s actually not illogical as such.  I mean, the storyline is perfectly sound and turning Bobby Roode is where they were going anyway.  The problem is that it’s so incredibly, ludicrously rushed beyond all sanity.  This should have been a six month build, with each guy getting on a winning streak over several PPVs until people  DEMANDED that they face each other for the title, at which point Roode turns on Storm because he doesn’t want to face him.  Then Storm is out for a few weeks while you get heat on Roode for being a heel while Storm builds his big comeback and returns to win the title.  Instead we got it all over two TV tapings, building to nothing.  But that’s TNA for you.