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More randomness

Hey Scott,
Just because everyone on the blog always comes up with the best things to read, two conversation starters, one humorous/nostalgic and one forward thinking:
1) What's the lamest catchphrase that never got over?
2) What two WWE/FCW wrestlers would you repackage as a tag team to seriously bolster the potentially revitalizing tag team division and under what gimmick/name?

1.  John Morrison’s “Mr. Ziggles”.  Go on, try to find a worse one, it’s scientifically impossible. 

2.  The tag division doesn’t need gimmicky teams, it just needs regular teams who get focused on beyond one champion and one challenger.  I mean, currently the Usos are kicking around, but no one cares about them anyway.  Other than that, Air Boom and Vickie’s guys are the only people who even compete as a team.  Awesome Truth are supposed to be the “main event” team, so I don’t really count them, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the tag titles before Survivor Series.  Really though, it’s easy to put together guys who aren’t doing anything like Morrison, Santino, Christian, Sheamus, the former Nexus goofs, and some developmental guys and you’ve got a tag division.  Like, put Morrison and Sheamus together for whatever storyline you want, and that gives you the guy to take the shitkicking and then make the hot tag to the big asskicker who finishes.  There’s a tag team!  Or put Sheamus together with Heath Slater as the Ginger Supremacists (yeah, I still watch Glee, fuck off) and there’s a tag team!  Give them one of the random Divas as a manager, and you’ve got a tag team act. Or Seth Rollins & John Morrison, that seems like it’d be a good pairing.  Pick 2 people, push them, and see what happens.  Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson didn’t need a goofy name or gimmicky act to get over.