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Play By Play Dead, Film at 11

Hey Scott,
Just wondered what you and the blogees make of JR's recent outburst about the state of commentary on Raw. Is it right that the company should now make explicit their focus on storylines rather than the story of the match?!/JRsBBQ/status/125600671729844224!/JRsBBQ/status/125603106850480128

If they need their announcers to explain their storylines, they’re doing a shitty job of creating storylines.  And even so, with the Punk-HHH feud, they needed HHH to go out there and basically tell people why they were fighting because it was such a nonsensical mess.  And of course you have the Swagger-Ziggler “storyline”, where we’re never really clear on whether they’re teaming or hate each other.  Basically it’s just another buzzword for them to tell the investors and justify their ridiculous decisions.

Edit to also add:  I think the best summation is Peter Griffin pitching the show “Handi-Quacks” to the FOX animation department, where he goes off on a ridiculous run about the storylines and twists and turns and making the audience feel something, and it’s of course a badly drawn cartoon about retarded ducks.  That’s really what it feels like listening to them at this point.