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Hey Scott

Before Trips tore his quad in that tag match with Jericho and "he who shall not be named" back in 2001, where was the Two Man Power Trip storyline suppose to go?  What did WWE have planned for it?

It’s safe to say “Benoit” you know, it’s not like Voldemort where he’ll come back to life and try to take over the world.

Anyway, I think I’ve addressed this before, but the plan was a pretty straightforward deal where Austin would stop trusting HHH and they’d ending up feuding over the World title around Summerslam.  Of course, with HHH out they had to go to Kurt Angle, and that worked out better due to 9/11 anyway.  I don’t think there was any long-term planning going on past that point.

Edit:  Former WWE writer Seth Mates clarifies for me via Twitter:

After HHH got hurt, plan became to do face returning HHH vs heel Austin at WM18. But Austin wanted to be a face and was turned around SSeries, and basically talked himself out of the WM main and losing title early. WM18 became Jericho-HHH, Austin-Hall.

And now you know the rest of the story.