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I was thinking about Scott Hall and Kevin Nash recently, and they way they both were really great for a little while... and terrible for a long, long time before and/or after. What other wrestlers can you think of who had really noticeable "primes" where they were good-to-great (technically, not in kayfabe), and otherwise kinda stunk. 
My list, with my limited knowledge is as follows: 
Scott Hall (mid 90s)
Kevin Nash (mid 90s)
Rick Rude (late 80s)
Jake Roberts (mid 80s)
Kurt Angle (early 00s)
I'm sure there are others. Sting was  good worker once upon a time, right? I feel like Bossman had a few years where he didn't stink, too.

Bossman was a hell of a worker from 1990-1996.  Sting’s still a good worker, he’s just old and broken down, but there’s not many Sting matches where I watch and go “Man, that guy sucks”.   He shouldn’t be doing it anymore, but at least he’s not embarrassing himself out there. 

I’d add a few to this list, though:

Ron Simmons was lucky enough to get carried by Vader in WCW enough times that he could hide his weaknesses, but once he got to WWF as Faarooq, he was god-awful.  The APA was a brilliant way to disguise him by limiting what he had to do in the ring.   I’d also add Charles “Godfather” Wright, who fluked out and found the perfect role as opening match heat machine in 1998 after years of stinking up the ring as Kama and Papa Shango.  Then, he became the Goodfather and his career was done.  Had he just kept pimping ho’s nationwide and being the curtain jerker on house shows and PPVs, he’d probably still be employed today, albeit with much less weed and prostitution references.  Come to think of it, can you IMAGINE the Wellness Policy being in place back then?  Godfather, X-Pac and the Outlaws were practically walking billboards for drug use.