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Smackdown Spoilage

Just wanted to talk about something from the upcoming Smackdown, so those who are spoiler nazis feel free not to follow after the break…

OK, so we get yet ANOTHER Henry v. Orton match, which is now two in the same week, and Orton goes over AGAIN by DQ presumably after hitting an RKO and nearly getting the pin.  Then Big Show comes out and chokeslams Henry for good measure.  Why are they ruining the only good thing they had going?  Henry is going to quickly become just another guy, a chickenshit heel who talks big and then gets his ass kicked by the babyfaces like Christian.  Further, obviously they want to have Orton squash Rhodes at the PPV to give him heat back that he doesn’t need, so why use the World champion to build up to a midcard IC title match?  It’s not like you blame something on Henry – ratings have gone UP on Smackdown! 

I just don’t get it.