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TNA Shocks

Hi Scott

Long time reader since, god, way back, Wrestleline, Scaia, Micasa and days gone by!!!

Anyway, what's your thoughts on the following.

Back in the day when WWF and WCW were competing head on for Monday night and PPV dominance it was an interesting time, one of the key ingredients was the possibility of a shock defection, someone moving from one to the other. Sure the Smarks had it nailed and knew in advance but in the main it was intriguing stuff, i.e. Jericho, Radicalz, Rude, Luger, Madusa etc swapping sides. Now with no Big 2 that has drifted away over the years. The only thing that perks interest (moderately) is when TNA debut an ex WWE star, Angle, Hardy, RVD, Anderson etc. BUT the key thing is this doesn't happen the other way, i.e. how often has a TNA star made a big splash debuting on Raw?! I count never, but I may be wrong.

Do you think TNA (aside from Angle, Sting and Hogan) have any talent that could do that big splash?

I don’t know of any shocking jumps, although I think we’ll remember the epic run of Brayden Walker forever.  I think James Storm could be big, though again he’d probably have to go through developmental hell for two years, shave off his beard, and cut his hair. 

Although actually Kevin Nash and Booker T at the Royal Rumble was somewhat shocking.  And while we’re at it, what WAS the point of Nash’s month in the HHH-Punk storyline?  It was never established that he was working for anyone but himself, and there was never a point to his attacks.