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The Vengeance Thread

Wait, there’s a PPV tonight?

Feel free to make predictions and do real-time complaining here if anyone’s actually watching this show tonight.  My own thoughts: 

- ADR beats Cena because he’s supposedly defending against Punk at Survivor Series, plus the Last Man Sleeping stip means they can do some wacky finish so that Cena doesn’t have to lose to the World champion.  Maybe Ricardo runs Cena over with the car of the week and traps him underneath? 

- Mark Henry beats Big Show again.

- HHH and his little buddy Punk go over Miz-Truth strong to set up Punk’s title challenge next month.  HHH pedigrees both guys and then graciously allows Punk to get the pin.

- Orton destroys Cody Rhodes, unless the title’s on the line in which case he destroys Cody Rhodes and then gets himself DQ’d for not breaking an asskicking in the corner.

- Air Boom retain over the Whoresmen when Kofi’s substitute partner Mason Ryan powerbombs the shit out of Ziggler and pins him.  Then they do the US title match right away and Ryder runs out like a goof and wins the belt by pinning a guy who’s already been flattened. 

Those are the only matches I remember.