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WM title matches

Hey Scott,
With Cena/Rock and Taker trying for 20-0 at WM this year, the casual fan buy rate is pretty well confirmed. It's not like casual fans will revolt if Orton doesn't get a title shot. So do you think WWE takes advantage of this to play to the more stubborn Internet fans by making title matches we want to see? The only people NOT buying at this point are smart fans who don't care about the two big why not throw them a bone with a "I can't believe they're doing this at Mania!" type of match. And in that case, what do the two world title matches become?

Given they think very little of internet fans and their desires, I don’t foresee anyone getting thrown any bones.  I’m pretty sure they’re building up Mark Henry for Undertaker at this point, whether or not the title is on the line.  People are still all “OMG they’re totally gonna insert D-Bry in the title match briefcase briefcase briefcase” but he’s basically a jobber at this point and should be losing the case shortly once they tire of him completely.  Although with Cena/Rock and UT/Henry taking up the two title matches, you’ve still gotta find stuff to do with Punk, ADR, Orton and the other “main eventers” who aren’t Cena and thus don’t count.  Long-term booking is wonderful in some cases, but others it really leaves you painted into a corner.