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Bourne To Be Bad

Hey Scott:
Apparently Evan Bournce just got Wellness suspended. To your
knowledge, are they still testing for any and all drugs as part of the
Wellness Policy? I seem to recall them saying that they tested for all
drugs, including marijuana, not just steroids or growth enhancers.
Everyone seems to be so shocked by whoever is suspended for a month
nowadays, but if they did this b/c of pot then I'm not surprised at
all...didn't Randy Orton suffer one b/c they caught him openly smoking
a joint backstage? I know that's suspendable in itself, but that would
explain how guys like Evan (who I can see smoking up to ease the pain)
are getting "busted" while guys like Mason Ryan (who's almost
certainly juicing) aren't.

They’re on a real kick about synthetic pot right now, and that’s apparently what got Heath Slater, and I would presume Evan Bourne now as well.  Thing is, it’s apparently totally legal, but you’re not allowed to use it in WWE. 

And after I made a joke about him getting a 30-day “injury” after that Swagger powerbomb.  My bad, sorry Evan.