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Hogan v. Flair

Hey Scott,

Long time reader way back from Wrestleline etc.

Question - what was the real story behind WM VIII, ie why didn't Vince book Hogan vs Flair and build it up as the biggest match of all time? I would guess that no one wanted to do the job, but Flair clearly had no problem jobbing to Hogan 2 years later in WCW, so what gives?

To my mind there were three epic Hogan Wrestlemanias, WM III vs andre, WM VI vs warrior, and WM XVIII vs Rock, (all btw in a dome which I think was necessary for all three) so why did this one (also in a dome) not happen?

And if Vince was trying to save it for a later time, when was that going to be?

He wasn’t trying to save anything, he just didn’t have confidence in Flair-Hogan as a main event and never actually intended to go with it.  And to be fair, the house show run in 1991 was a success the first time around, but by the second swing business was way down and Flair was pretty much just another Hogan challenger.  There was no evidence that the Hogan-Flair dream match was going to do any kind of business, so they went with the more storyline heavy double main event instead.