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A Jeff Jarrett Question

In the Overrated Matches thread, the notion that during the Monday Night Wars Jeff Jarrett always jumped at the wrong time was brought up, which is a sentiment I've seen expressed quite a bit. Surely this isn't the case?


He got out of the WWF in 96 when the company was struggling; spent a year in WCW when the nWo angle was at its hottest; headed back to the WWF just in time for the Attitude era; and, when it became apparent he was never going to break through the glass ceiling, jumped ship to WCW in 99, complete with a handsome payoff for dropping the Intercontinental title to Chyna. Admittedly, from there things went to hell until he started up TNA, but still, the timing of his jumps seems pretty sound to me, particularly from a financial perspective (I'm assuming that he must've made good money through October 1996 to October 1999, given that he was consistently pushed in the midcard/often holding some title or another, not to mention that WCW probably gave him more than he was worth in 99 to convince him to join). Considering what he's achieved with TNA, isn't Jarrett one of the greater success stories from the last fifteen years?

Really, a Jeff Jarrett question?  Is that still a thing?  Hey, whatever.

Anyway, yes, Jarrett is absolutely a case of someone achieving far beyond his talent level, no doubt.  He was lucky enough to be a name guy who was available during two different periods when the major promotions were looking for talent to raid, and his second WCW run gave him the World title he’d never have gotten under any other circumstances.  Unless it was him buying an entire promotion as a vanity project.

TNA is a different argument altogether, though.  I would like to once again point out what a giant financial failure on every level it was back in 2002 and continues to be.  The difference is that he now has Panda to finance the losses.  Were it not for Dixie Carter’s dad, TNA would have ceased to exist in 2002.  I really can’t count that as success, sorry.