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Main Event Mic Style?

Hey Scott,
I was engaging in a forum discussion about the awesomeness of a Rock vs Punk promo, most thought it would be the coolest thing since disposable diapers, but I believe that their mic styles are way too different to really mesh into a great promo.  And as I thought more on that subject, I've noticed a trend with the promo style in WWE, especially amongst faces.
Here's how it usually goes, insults towards the heel, involving/talking to the audience, say something very simple in content at very high intensity and finish it off with a catch phrase.  Now, without going into the quality of the promos, it seems that this style, which is if not invented, certainly perfected by the Rock, has been used by most every face to come out of the company in the last ten years (the only real exceptions being Punk and Orton, and of course those that don't get mic time).  Now of course elements of this style were evident in Hogan and Flair's work (high intensity plus catch phrases) Rock completed it by keeping the content fairly simple (he's better than you) and added insults.
So, if the Main-Event Style is the standard for working the ring, do you believe that there is an equivalent standard for working the mic?
p.s. If so, come up with a catchy name for it.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s any kind of generic style for the main eventers.  Cena’s poopy jokes are quite different from Orton’s super-intense and humorless interviews, for example.  On the heel side, Dolph Ziggler has a much different timing than, say, Miz, but both guys insult the audience as a part of their gig.  Yeah, everyone is overly scripted and rehearsed, but I don’t think you can say that all promos follow the same “style”.  So no catchy name, sorry.