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Overrated Matches

Just a quick little something for discussion - Any thoughts on matches that didn't live up to the hype?  Not necessarily matches that don't hold up well today, but matches that were built up as almost legendary by people, only to find they were just OK? 
My own pick is the Jerry Lynn/RVD series from ECW.  I usually just dipped in and out of ECW during this time, but I remembered seeing the Internet go into convulsions over this series, like it was the new Flair/Steamboat.  I checked out the matches and wasn't exactly blown away.  They were good matches, Lynn did a pretty good job of reining in Van Dam's ECW-era sloppiness, but it was just the usual stuff here as far as I could see.
Thoughts and comments?

The first Shane v. Funk v. Sabu three-way match.  It was the match where everyone raved about it and told me I HAD to get ECW tapes and such, and it just wasn’t great to me, even at the time.  It sure as hell doesn’t hold up today either, but a lot of that is Sabu not holding up in general.