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Playing Dumb

Hey Scott,
I need to know if I'm alone in something or if this is the norm.  Do you or any of the Blogamaniacs ever pretend to be a casual wrestling fan when talking to peers in the workplace or other possibly uncomfortable situations?
My boss is a huge Mets homer.  The other day was the 25th anniversary of the Billy Buckner game, and on a group email he called it "the greatest game in any sport ever!"
Of course this prompted other people to chime in with their thoughts including one guy jokingly picking Wrestlemania 3.  This led to a discussion with my boss in which he talked about being a huge fan in the 80s, and then it started.  He vividly remembered watching Wrestlenania 3 at a huge party like the super bowl in 1985.  Of course I knew he was wrong about the year, but I let it go and said cool.  Then he mentioned Hogan winning the belt in 1980 - again wrong, but still I just said "yeah somewhere around there.". Then I realized t his happens in my real life convos a lot.
Co-workers talk about the 3 different Ultimate Warriors and how they all died.  A friends brother talks about Hogan and Beefcake being brothers.  They even think there is more than one Undertaker!
So am I a poser for not defending the sport like someone would hockey or baseball etc?  Or do you do this too?

I don’t generally act like super-smark trivia machine around my casual friends, no.  And when I go to shows I generally cheer for the babyfaces and boo the heels as well, because it’s more fun that way and I don’t feel the need to be “better” than everyone around me unless the crowd trend is to boo Cena or something.  It’s more a matter of social etiquette than anything.  If I’m chatting with someone and they show an interest in wanting to know anything beyond “John Cena could kick Del Rio’s ass” then I’m more than happy to talk about Vince McMahon losing his mind in recent years or John Morrison’s romantic troubles or whatever, but generally there’s no need to go much beyond “Yeah, I used to like HHH a lot in 2000, but then he got really bloated and boring” and I’m OK with that. 

And there clearly was 2 Undertakers.  They had a match at Summerslam.  Your friend’s brother has evidence on his side there.