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Questions Three!

Hey Scott, still injured and trucking through your old reviews (and still enjoying the heck out of them). I was curious if you ever went back and ranted on the Goldberg/Michaels match from 2003? I ask because A) I'm a huge Michaels fan, and B) it's one of the only "good" Goldberg matches I've ever seen (minus the finish), and I'd be curious to see what you thought of it, either at the time or now. It's no ***** classic or anything,but for a Goldberg match that isn't a squash, it works pretty well, IMO.

I don’t even remember what match you’re talking about, so no. 

Follow up, Lesnar just said if he ever comes back (and he thinks he will, eventually) his first choice would be to fight Austin. Now, Austin has said if HE ever comes back his first choice would be Punk. Do you think one or both of those are going to happen?

I think Austin is so incredibly smart that he won’t waste his name value and potential comeback angle by playing second fiddle to the Rock, so I don’t see either scenario happening any time soon.  Plus Brock can barely make a fraction of the money in WWE that he currently does with UFC, so he would be insane to come back before he was completely done as a fighter.  One fight with him does better than almost the entire WWE PPV year put together right now. 

And how was that a follow-up question anyway? 

Third and finally, what's WWE do if Cena gets injured before Mania? If they have Punk/Austin on the card they'll probably just power through, but they have to have Rock fight somebody, right? I could see them trying to get Michaels back, but based on the bad blood between the two (is there any truth to that, btw? I've heard about it several times, but if it's there they both always say the right things on camera; I remember at an HOF ceremony a few years ago, Rocky said HBK was one of the only three wrestlers he wished he'd gotten to fight. Anyways) and HBK not wanting to pull a Hogan/Flair, I don't know if he'd do it. Who do they plug into that slot, then? Orton's an option, but we've already kinda seen Rock/Orton at WMXX. They could throw Punk against him if they don't get Austin, I guess, but for some reason that just doesn't strike me as something that will pull the kind of buys they're going for. So who would be the right choice? HBK? Taker? Austin/Rock episode 4?

Unless Cena has two broken legs and is missing his head, he’s going to Wrestlemania.  That being said, if someone goes all Lee Harvey Oswald on him the next time they’re in Dallas and he’s legitimately unable to drag himself into the ring, then it’s HHH who gets plugged in there.  They could even be like “Oh shit, Rock used his Hollywood money to hire a HITMAN and take out Cena!” (#gangland hit is trending worldwide on Twitter right now!) and then the WWE Twitterstars could band together and nominate a replacement or something.  But I think HHH is the only one outside of Cena who they think could carry himself against Rock, and god knows the promos would be entertaining.