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Savage v. Piper

Was there ever a WWF mini-program between Savage and Piper?  Seems like those two would have had a feud for the ages during their prime.  Two of the all-time great heels, but even a face vs. face match in '91-'92 timeframe would have been classic.  Obviously the later WCW matches were embarassing but both guys were done by then.

I am 99.9999% sure that they had at least one match in late 1986/early 1987 during a house show run, which would be after Piper’s return and face turn and before Savage’s face turn, but I don’t recall anything about it or if it’s on any video releases.  Otherwise, no, I don’t think they ever met outside of WCW, and more’s the shame because the promos would have been EPIC.  Can you imagine Piper blocking the double axehandle by giving Savage the Stooge Eyepoke?  My god, that would be worth **** right there.