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Scott’s Thoughts On RAW

I was knocked on my ass by stomach flu last night and wasn’t in condition to do much more than watch the show in between puking, but it actually was a much better show than usual. 

- I really liked Punk’s opening promo, as he seemed to be legitimately having fun out there and moved by winning the title in MSG like he did.  Johnny Ace is getting close to X-Pac Heat as far as being a character where you know he’s never getting his comeuppance and where he’s programmed to make decisions that only frustrate fans.  Although “Correction, I’m UPPER management” was a funny line and perfect for his humorless delivery. 

- Del Rio squashes the hell out of Zack Ryder and I’m not sure what their endgame is.  Presumably they want to push the guy, but it seems like they’re punishing the fans for making him more popular than they deem he should be.  Del Rio is already getting the title shot next week, a loss wouldn’t have hurt him in the least.  It just makes the US title, which Ryder has got to win sooner rather than later, look like a belt for losers.

- Sheamus beat Jack Swagger clean with the Conan Kick in a good little match.  Sheamus is another guy where they’ve got nothing for him but he’s ready to break through as a main event babyface.  Instead of running Henry v. Show for three months you could have stuck Sheamus in there for a bit.  Whatever.

- Kevin Nash’s big promo was whining about how he should have been main eventing Survivor Series against the Rock.  Right.

- Cody Rhodes squashes Santino.  I like Cody but I wish he’d just pick a character and stick with it.

- CM Punk beat Dolph clean with the GTS in another awesome match for Zig.  He’s another guy where he’s clearly ready to move to the next level, but they’re so set in their designated top guys that he’s got nowhere to go.  Anyway, this was a great, **** TV match with crazy good near-falls that the fans were completely buying.  I really wish they’d go with the old NWA philosophy and learn to move down guys like Cena and Orton for a while so that someone new could headline the dead December PPVs.  Would it REALLY kill Cena to have a midcard feud with someone?  Anyway, this was an awesome match and well worth going out of your way to see.

- Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston clean (I like the finishes tonight!) by delivering the Wasteland while staring at Randy Orton.  That’s a good heel finish.  Match was a bit dull because Barrett isn’t an elite worker or anything, but it accomplished what it needed.

- Show ended with a stupid Cena v. Awesome Truth interview segment that broke up the heels after only a few months together as a team.  Frankly I’m shocked that Air Boom outlasted Awesome Truth. 

Anyway, that’s all I can remember about the show other than the silly Kane video, which was teasing him back in the mask again.  Hey, why not?  You can have someone throw fire at him to scar his face so he has to wear the mask, then hit him in the throat so he can’t talk and has to use the talkbox again.   So yeah, good show, first one since I started doing these again I’d say.  Back to full rants again next week.