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Sledgehammer of Plot

Am I the only one that hates the sledgehammer as a weapon?  I mean, we all know that it's not real, but if you really are going to hit someone with a sledgehammer, and you going to cover one end with your hand?  It just reeks of fake.  At least they could make a rubber sledgehammer or something.

I was always under the impression that his day-to-day sledgehammer WAS rubber, and they only switched to a real one once he went to a part-time schedule a few years back.  Just speculation on my part, but it would make sense.  That being said, a rubber hammer still hurts if you accidentally wallop someone on the head with it.

More importantly, this is a perfect opportunity to bring up a discussion topic:  What are the worst weapons that promotions have tried to get over?  I’d have to go with Chris Daniels and his screwdriver, if only because no one actually buys that someone is gonna get murdered on live TV with it and you can’t use it as a convincing object otherwise.  Plus what if you grab a Robertson head by mistake?  It’s only gonna work on opponents with a square head!

The best:  Brass knuckles or loaded gloves.  They’re incredibly easy to fake, incur no danger whatsoever, and can be hidden from the referee for easy heat.