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Vince McMahon Plug

Hey Scott,

I know Vince McMahon is discussed at length on this blog roll, usually with incredulity, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing my look at where he's headed as a promoter (though he'd sure hate to be called that today), and my examination of just how his mojo ran out. There's been a lot of talk of Vince losing his mind over the past several years, but I think this puts it in perspective.

Thanks in advance for giving it a look-see.

I'd totally watch a show where Vince gets dropped into a jungle and has to survive off the land.  Frankly I'm shocked Vince hasn't done any celebrity reality shows over the years, he'd be PERFECT for almost any of them.  He'd create drama, blow up at other contestants at a moment's notice and constantly think he's better than everyone else while trying to win their favor.  It would be breathtakingly great TV.

Anyway, that aside, good article.  Vince is a complex guy to say the least.