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WM X-$even

Hey Scott,
Following you for ages, yadda yadda.  Question you or the blog readers might be able to answer:  Someone was recently taking a peak through my movie collection and saw I had a copy of Wrestlemania 17 buried at the back.  He was asking if it was an original copy (no blurring and all the original music), which of course it is.  He then went onto to say that those first pressed DVD's are actually worth something now since they're long out of print and the only copies available for purchase have the blurred logos and lots of the music changed (which I knew, but never really put two and two together).  I did a quick look around and saw people reselling them on Amazon for $100-$200 which strikes me as outrageous.  You or anybody have any idea if these are actually worth anything now, or is this a case of people trying to make you *think* they're worth something?

They’re also selling for $50-$100 on Ebay as well, which makes me think I should sell my copy now if people are dumb enough to pay that kind of money for a friggin’ wrestling DVD.  Given I have every WWF original DVD release from Wrestlemania XV all the way until Bad Blood 2003, there’s gotta be some good money in there somewhere.  Someone should take their copy onto Pawn Stars and see what Rick Harrison says. 

By the way, the guy on Ebay selling a copy for $100 (used!) is charging $15 (!!!!) for shipping.  For a single used DVD!  And he’s got 5 available, which kind of contradicts the argument about it being a rarity.