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Hi Scott,

Just wanted to get yours and your readers thoughts on what would have happened at WM 23 if HHH hadn't gone down injured. On Shawn's DVD, HHH says that it was supposed to be him and Cena but Shawn subbed in after he got injured. Despite hearing it from the horses mouth so to speak, I can't help but feel this is wrong for several reasons....

1) Why would the WWE run a repeat main event from the year before? It was hardly Rock/Austin, Hogan/Andre, Bret/Shawn - so I can't see why it would have been considered? It wasn't an epic main event.

2) What would they have done with Shawn? Would he have just dropped into the midcard?

3) Wouldn't the above have been totally out of character (Kayfabe) for the "spotlight" hugging Michaels to let his friend go for the title while he fights KIng Booker (as I heard mentioned) or something?

I enjoyed what we got - the Shawn/Cena feud produced two superb matches and an excellent four way at Backlash - but surely the logical solution (and to bring a temporary end to DX which had to happen) would have been to run the triple threat we saw at SS 2009?

What does anyone else think?

Yeah, at the time I was beating the drum for HHH v. Shawn v. Cena as the only logical payoff to the D-X storyline too.  I thought for sure that it was the only option and wouldn’t have thought they’d run HHH v. Cena as a main event.  As it turns out, Trump v. McMahon was enough to carry that show anyway.  But yeah, I would tend to believe the triple threat was the plan and HHH is full of it.