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X-Pac Heat

Scott, I think that X-Pac doesn't deserve to associated with that term. True, there was a time where people just hated him, primarily because they didn't like him. The Invasion PPV sticks in my mind when he was the only WWF wrestler to get booed. There was however a time when he was popular and well liked and he is acknowledge as a talented wrestler.
Michael Cole, on the other hand, as far as I can recall, has never been widely loved. He has real "fuck this shit, let's change the channel heat". His commentary is just so fucking grating, when he is a face or a heel. Although he has done some good things in his recent heel run, I would say most of his heat comes from his abysmal commentary. He was atrocious when he replaced JR in 98, when JR had Bell's Palsy. A good example is the commentary on the DX's nation parody and DX's corporation parody. I will grant that he has improved since then, but still, after over 10 years of experience he'd be much better.
I think that Waltman should catch a break and we should rename "X-Pac heat" to "Cole heat", as Michael Cole is a far better example of a wrestling personalty being hated due the audience not enjoying their work. I'm sure part of it is the way he is produced, but JR was produced by the same people and he did a good job.
Thoughts? I'm sure the Blog will have some opinions.

Yeah, but X-Pac was supposed to be a pushed heel who headed up his own heel faction.  God knows what Cole’s role is even supposed to be, so it’s not really fair to blame him entirely for being annoying as he is.  It’s not like Cole is acting this way and then going out there and having matches, too, so it’s kind of apples and oranges. 

Sorry, but X-Pac Heat is gonna be around for a while as a term, I’m pretty sure.