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Biggest Matches

Not sure which superlative I should be using, but it dawned on me while watching Survivor Series that R-Truth had the most important/biggest match of his career.  Hell, Miz too, moreso than the WM main event.  And while we're at it, Cena will have his in next March.  But what about Rock? What about Austin? What about Triple H? What about Flair? Taker? Bret? Shawn? Nash?  Hall?  Angle? Funk?   Some I think are no brainers: Foley, HIAC.  Hogan's, I'd assume, was III against Andre, and in reverse.  Goldberg, versus Hogan on Nitro. Big Show, against Mayweather; the same breath, Bam Bam, against LT.  CM Punk, I'd say Money In The Bank.
Your logical thoughts on this?

Interesting topic.

I don’t think Miz has had his yet.  They’ll find something bigger for him, I’m pretty sure. 

Rock:  I’m gonna go outside the box and say HHH at Backlash 2000.  It was really the culmination of his entire babyface turn in 1999 and provided the logical payoff for the entire year.  He never had another bigger “big bad heel against virtuous babyface” because the Austin match was two babyfaces and ended badly for him anyway. 

Austin:  Wrestlemania XV.  They made so much money in 99-2000 off Austin that they were able to take the company public, and this is the real start of it.  98 was a bunch of stop and start title reigns for him, but after he beat the Rock he was clearly the guy with the belt.

HHH:  Royal Rumble 2000.  He went from here to HERE in one fell swoop.

Flair:  Royal Rumble 92, duh.

Undertaker:  I think the Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania was pretty big, but HIAC against Foley of course was a hugely legendary match for a variety of reasons.  Tough call.