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Brad Armstrong

Hey Scott,

Quick question, what the hell was with the "Candyman" gimmick for Brad Armstong in WCW?  They didn't even call him Brad Armstrong, just "Candyman."  What the hell was that? 

Just another attempt to get him over, this time by appealing to the often-ignored NAMBLA sector of their audience, I guess.  They could have had him drive up to the arena in a windowless white van to really hammer the character home. 

However, it’s not like Candyman was any stupider than Badstreet, Arachnaman, or Buzzkill as far as knockoff gimmicks go.  Ironically, the one time he did almost get over was the feud with Brian Pillman in 1992, where Pillman turned heel on him and they were set to compete for the Light heavyweight title under Bill Watts.  That was going really well, including a famously improvised **** match with Great Muta on WCW Saturday Night, so of course Armstrong suffered a leg injury just before defending the title against Pillman, and was not only out for a long time, but basically finished as a high flyer to boot.  Sucks to be Brad.