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Hogan v. Montreal

Heard something I would love to hear you respond to.  On a recent episode of the "steve czaban" radio show, Hulk Hogan appeared and was asked about the Montreal incident.  His response was "that we all have jobs, and we show up and do those jobs.  Bret showed up and said he wasn't going to do his job."
My first reaction was to laugh.  Then laugh some more.  And then.... laugh a lot more.
But then I did think about Hogan's departure from WWF(E).  He did basically let Yoko squash him.  Including getting defeated with his own move and selling it on his way back to the locker room.
So my question is this: Do I laugh at absurdity of Hogan stance of someone else doing the job?  Or accept it for the way he did the job when he left?

Yeah, well, Hogan refused to do the job for Bret Hart in the first place, which is why they had to swap in Yoko, so he’s got no leg to stand on there.  Bret was more than happy to do the job for Shawn Michaels or anyone else down to Steve Lombardi, just not on THAT show.  It could have been the night before or the night after and then Vince could have done whatever he wanted with the title.