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John Cena’s Stroke

I realized a bit ago that while we know about the seedy backstage exploits and political power of most of the major players in the WWE, not much is known about John Cena behind the curtain.  I thought you might be able to shed some light on the subject.  Does he have any enemies?  Does he have a "Clique"?  What do the rest of the boys think of him?  Is he considered a locker room leader?  Does he have Vince's ear like say, Randy Orton?  That is, if Cena decided he wanted, um, Jack Swagger fired, does he have the stroke to get it done?

Everything I’ve heard about John Cena is that he’s a company man to point of absurdity at times.  I don’t think he’s particularly a locker room leader and doesn’t seem to want to do much more than go along with whatever idiotic direction is scripted for him.  You certainly never hear anyone say anything but glowing things about him and what a great guy he is, and he certainly does more charity work than anyone.  I kind of which he WOULD speak up and veto dumb ideas like his speech on Monday whining about Rock not being around.  I’m sure that if he really wanted Swagger fired, he could get it done, but he seems to be above all that kind of stuff.