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Long Island Plug

Hey Scott,

Merry Christmas, first off. I know you're a fan of Zack Ryder's and you appreciate his unorthodox "get myself over" approach to his persona, and I thought you might like this look at just how far he's come. It's amazing to me, because he could have been just another "C" show casualty that jobbed out and got cut like Vance Archer, Jimmy Wang Yang or Luke Gallows, but what he did to avoid that fate in terms of connecting with the fans shouldn't go unnoticed.

I hope that you'll share this with your readership, because I do enjoy their (mostly) intuitive perspective on various topics.



I thought for sure that the Edgeheads was a go-nowhere gimmick and both guys would be cannon fodder by the next round of cuts.  I guess Hawkins and Tyler Reks are trying a similar tactic on their own, and why not?  If WWE can’t get anyone over, someone else might as well try.