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From this point on, how would you book Rock/Cena feud going into Wrestlemania?  How would you change the booking starting with February last year (keeping in mind the Rock's limited availability)? Also, would you ever make the Rock a weekly on air performer (if for some reason he wanted to)? I feel even if he wanted to show up every week, it would take away alot more than it would gain.

I would have kept him off TV completely except to come on one show and lay out Cena leading up to Survivor Series. I would have had Cena’s team v. Rock’s team and eliminated everyone until it was down to Rock v. Cena.  Then before they can touch, someone (Ziggler, wanting to show up the big stars?) comes out and lays out Cena, Rock pins him, end of show.  So that occupies Cena for a few shows while Rock is back in Hollywood again.  Cena would finally go over at Wrestlemania, when it actually matters.  I wouldn’t trust the monkeys writing RAW to handle Rock from week to week and would keep him off TV as much as possible, so he wouldn’t flop and only draw 160,000 domestic buys for his first match back.  Oh wait, that already happened.