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TLC Predictions

I’m sure this blog is gonna be dead as fuck for the next couple of weeks anyway, but just for fun here’s the TLC Prediction thread if you’re one of the 60-70K people who will be ordering this show.  I’m working, shucks.

WWE title:  Punk climbs the ladder or pins Del Rio or whatever has to be done to win the match and retain the title.  I have no idea where they’re going with Punk into Royal Rumble unless it’s REMATCH TIME with The Miz. 

World title:  Mark Henry FINALLY puts Big Show away for good, and you’d think this is where Sheamus finally gets a program again as a result.

US title:  Zack Ryder pays off the chase and wins the belt from Ziggler, which hopefully means that Zig is getting put into a three-way with Miz and Punk at the Rumble to try and elevate him.  Dark horse prediction:  He wins the Rumble itself.  Either way, it’s time to move him up, he’s outgrown this role.

IC title:  Cody Rhodes beats Booker T to retain.  Why does Ryder have to jump through hoops for months and Booker just gets a title shot?  I dunno.

Ladder match:  Well, HHH wouldn’t do the fucking job for Punk, the guy who they were banking on in the fall and grooming for a WWE title run at Survivor Series, so I don’t see him doing one here.  Plus he’s the only guy who climb the ladder, and that’s a shoot, brutha. 

Tables match:  Does anyone give a shit about Wade Barrett yet?  No?  Then he goes over until you DO. 

I think that’s everything.  If they add a Kane-Cena match on or something, expect Cena to win and unmask him again.