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I was just watching some of Halloween Havoc 1990 on YouTube, and had forgotten how good that show was.  You had great matches in Steiners-Nasty Boys, Horsemen-Doom, Hansen-Luger, and even Sting-Sid and Midnight Express-Morton/Rich has the crowd on their feet.  It seems like this is one of the forgotten great PPVs.  Any more that come to mind?

Merry Christmas, all! 

I really wouldn’t call Havoc 90 underrated.  Steiners-Nasties was a good brawl but the rest was pretty forgettable.  I think the 89 show was more underrated, with an awesome Flair/Sting v. Funk/Muta main event and Luger/Pillman underneath.

I think WM 19 doesn’t get the love it probably deserves, either.  You got Shawn-Jericho, Angle-Lesnar, Austin-Rock…hell of a show.