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hey Scott, I was just reading your review of Survivor Series 98 and your pointing out how bad Undertaker was in this show and it got me wondering.  What happened to him?  I mean he was red hot both physically and career wise during summerSlam 98 but then after this all the way to him getting buried alive in 03 his workrate just went to the toilet.  Yeah he had a few good matches (Flair WMX8, HHH WM X7, Brock), but he just seemed to get insanely lazy for those five years.  have you heard what it might have been?  Laziness, politics, no motivation?  Seriously since he came back as the Deadman he's been 100 times better.  Thoughts?

He’s been really banged up by injuries in recent years, and the greatly reduced schedule probably helped him to get more motivated for the limited matches he had.  Plus I think altering his style to a MMA-based one gave him more motivation to do new things instead of the same zombie character over and over again.