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It became apparent to me at last year's WrestleMania that the Undertaker does not have many WrestleMania's left, and that he may be able to add one or two matches onto the streak before retiring.  I was trying to think of a 'wish-list' of who I'd like to see go against Taker in the upcoming WrestleMania, and was wondering if you had any ideas?  For me personally, I would like to see one of these three:
Rey Mysterio vs. The Undertaker (Mask vs. Streak)
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker (Submission or 'I Quit' match)
John Cena vs. The Undertaker where Cena actually ends the streak.

Well it’s already set in stone as HHH v. Undertaker against this year, so I’m afraid your fantasy booking will be set back a bit.  And given that Undertaker is now on a one match per year schedule, this would probably be the last one.  I’m sure we’ll get HHH putting his career on the line here as well, although he’s down to bombing on two or three PPVs per year now himself.  But yeah, next year should probably be Cena v. Undertaker, although there’s no need to end the streak.  It’s the only title in wrestling that fans actually care about anymore and the only one that draws.