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What Not To Wear–Wrestling Edition

Was watching some old school Sting and it got me thinking about my favorite tight designs/colors from the colorful guys out there. My favorites:

Sting: Always liked the neon green/black combo.

Randy Savage: The blue/white combo from his retirement match with Warrior.

Jake Roberts: The flames/cobra combo from Tuesday in Texas.

Rick Rude: Cheryl Roberts.

Kurt Angle: Black tights from WM 18.

Shawn Michaels: The blacks tights with the DX logo from the Shamrock match at In Your House.

That's off the top of my head at the moment. Any others?

I’ve always been a fan of Savage’s red tights and yellow kneepads/boots myself.  Loved Ricky Steamboat’s white tights with green dragon design as well, so obviously WM3 was like the perfect storm of awesome tights.  That’s definitely one thing I’ve noticed about the modern era – a whole lot of guys wearing boring black tights.  RVD was really the last guy to use any imagination with his designs. 

And yeah, Kurt Angle’s mirror universe tights were the BOMB.  You knew shit was on when he busted those out.