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WWE Network

Think the blog would enjoy this, from an actual business point of view:

Most interesting part:

"Using a blueprint that other sports properties have worked with successfully, WWE plans to seed its channel with live events that previously have been available on pay-per-view. WWE also has expanded its programming search beyond wrestling, sources said. That could include some professional team sports, sources said."

Very interesting indeed.  The article definitely seems to suggest that they’ll be abandoning the PPV business model for all but the big four, which is gonna cost them many millions of dollars in the short term, so I hope Vince is ready to bite the bullet and take the hit on that one.  I’d really be fine with them switching to RAW on the network and then a series of Clash of Champions quasi-PPVs to settle the somewhat-big matches (like say, giving Ziggler and Ryder a main event program without having to risk PPV revenue with them on top), with the REALLY big matches on the actual PPV shows.  However, once they let the genie out of the bottle and let people stop buying PPV, they’re not gonna be able to put it back in, so they’re basically putting a lot of faith into this one idea. 

Interesting times for sure.