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Bret v. Vince

Hi Scott
Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.
Noticing the Bret Hart trend over the last few days, I was curious to know if your opinion on Hart-McMahon at WM26 has changed at all? As I remember you were the only commentator whose opinion I take seriously to give it an even remotely positive view. Do you still think it was the right way to book it? Would you have done the same?

I was remotely positive about it?  Because that wasn’t really my intention.  I think it was more being diplomatic about it.  I wouldn’t even have booked the match, I’d have done Hart Dynasty v. Vince’s Corporate Team.  Like, Drew McIntyre and someone else.  Then you have Bret and Vince in the corners with the “Bret gets five minutes with Vince if the Harts win” stip, and that immediately confines it to a short match where Bret does his spots and gets out again.