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Brock Plug

Hey Scott,

Six bucks and my right nut says McMahon's already called Brock and/or Dana (the latter to negotiate release of the hostage). Of course, everyone seems to forget how Vince was left at the altar eight years ago. Kinda sad that Lesnar will likely get a huge payday just because he's famous, and it'll come at the expense of the lower-carders getting less time to shine.


Yeah well, Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in the history of PPV.  Putting him on a show will instantly double-triple the payday of everyone who’s associated with the show, so they can suck it up and deal with it.  That’s why the midcarders put up with Hogan’s nonsense in the 80s – he made them all filthy rich just by association. 

That being said, if Lesnar were to come in and flop out of the gate, sure, bring on the criticism and cut him again.  But considering that Brock’s last fight is projected to be about 750,000 buys on the conservative side and WWE is ECSTATIC to get 180,000 domestic, well, numbers don’t lie.  Pay him all the money he wants and cash in, baby.