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The Funkasaurus Thread

Regarding the new and improved Brodus Clay, in the immortal words of
Montgomery Burns, I know what I hate...and I don't hate this. If
nothing else, the guy went balls-to-the-wall with what he was given,
which is the only chance that something like this will work.
Can the Funkasaurus become the new Rikishi?

Hi Scott,
I gotta admit: I enjoyed Brodus Clay's debut. I appreciate that he isn't the same cookie cutter wrestler who comes out in the typical wrestling attire of a t-shirt over a speedo looking like a 9 year old on a sleep over. I appreciate that he not only has a gimmick but he is actually a big guy. Most of today's stars aren't as huge as they used to be. (Obviously)
But since the backlash has been so bad what do you think of this idea:
WWE has a pretty good sense of humor about their bad gimmicks. What if every week he "debuts" with a new gimmick. Funk Man one week, evil garbage man the next. He could be an evil clown, a country singer, a natural disaster etc...After about 8 weeks let the fans decide via social media which incarnation of Brodus should stick. I feel like turning it into even more of a joke is the only out now. Thoughts?

This has been quite the polarizing debate thus far.  Initially I hated the idea, but he was having fun with it and I was like “OK, let’s see where this goes.”  We haven’t had a Rikishi in 8 years, so it’s certainly past the statute of limitations for angle theft.  If he ends up as an entertaining midcard guy, then it’s not the end of the world.  The midcard needs entertaining acts and Godfather did good for himself for a long time based on one joke. 

I think the second idea is too clever for its own good, actually.  You might as well pick a gimmick and commit to it, because you can always repackage him if it doesn’t work.  Big Show did the rotating gimmick tributes in 2000 and that got boring pretty quick. 

I think most of the disappointment comes from people anxious to find the next big thing to pull WWE out of their funk, and this doesn’t feel like a main event thing.  Zack Ryder was their best shot, I think, and Vince obviously wants to beat him on TV every week until we all bow down and acknowledge that we were wrong for cheering someone not WWE Approved, so excuse the fuck out of me for thinking I could cheer for who I wanted, Vince.  Point taken, he’s a wimpy crybaby who lucked into the US title and is terrified of a guy that used to be a dentist, so they might as well just take the belt off him next week and use it to let someone else tank the ratings.  Sorry, got a bit off-topic there.