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Was curious if you played any video games currently?  I remember you recommending the Ultimate History of Video Games years ago (great read btw).  So what do you play and if you aren’t a gamer anymore, why not?

Really?  I thought I talked about videogames quite a lot, actually.  My gamertag on Xbox Live is, unsurprisingly, rspwfaq if anyone wants to add me. 

Recent games played: 

- Smackdown v. RAW 2011, working through Universe mode, retarded computer booking and all.  The CPU spent four weeks setting up Batista defending his WWE title against #1 contender Randy Orton, and then totally left them off the PPV, instead making a random Shawn Michaels v. Chavo Guerrero match as the main event of Night of Champions.  And what’s the deal with Scramble matches?  You get a 5 minute time limit to beat 4 CPU opponents?  REALLY?  I like the game mechanics, but the computer is driving me insane.

- Duke Nukem Forever.  $10 new at EBGames, can’t lose there.  Much like Chinese Democracy, it wasn’t worth the 15 year wait, but for the price point it’s a hell of a fun game.  For $60 I’d go through and pick apart the dated gameplay and severe limitations, but since it’s basically being given away now it’s great filthy fun. 

- I play a game of You Don’t Know Jack every night.  I’m 44 episodes in and I’ve got all the wrong answers thus far.  The worst feeling is answering something RIGHT really quickly and then realizing that there was some obscure reference that related to the Wrong Answer Of The Night you totally missed.  It’s a terrible feeling.  I also loved the saga of #4’s murder. 

- EA Sports MMA.  Liked this better than the UFC games once I got into it, actually, although the difficulty between the minor leagues and Strikeforce suddenly amps up DRAMATICALLY and makes it much less fun when you’re playing career mode.  The actual ground mechanics are way beyond the UFC series, though, which makes it tons of fun for someone like me who doesn’t just want to stand and bang every match.