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Hall of Flair

Any ideas/guesses on if Flair will be in attendance for this? Do we know what his contract was like for Impact Wrestling? I’m intrigued with the fact that Lex Luger has admitted he will be in attendance.

Dave and Bryan were actually discussing this on WOL this morning, and Dave’s feeling is that TNA should pray to Buddha and all the gods that Flair actually shows up and does the induction on TV, because it would be like handing TNA a giant pile of money.  Not from any usage they might get out of Flair, but because Panda’s lawyers would have a slam dunk case of contract violation against WWE and it would be worth MILLIONS.  They could, at the bare minimum, reasonably ask for a percentage of the gate due to Flair’s name being used to advertise it ($$$), then a percentage of the DVD sales ($$$), then damages against TNA itself due to their contracted talent being illegally put on WWE TV ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$).  If they’re smart they’re already sending cease-and-desist letters as we speak, because we know that Vince is just the kind of guy to ignore them on general principles.  Or he might just cut them a cheque to shut them up.  Either way, girlfriend gon’ get paaaaaaaaaaaid. 

And then on the unbelievably ironic flipside, Vince is now forbidding CM Punk from walking to the cage with Chael Sonnen and in fact has strongly recommended that he not even attend the show.  Yes, Vince’s micromanaging has now extended to telling his talent what sporting events they are allowed to attend on their days off.